Hjem Nyheter Nyhetsarkiv 2019 Call for Tender: Cross-cutting evaluation of NPA programmes - “Civil Society Organisations influence political decision making”

Call for Tender: Cross-cutting evaluation of NPA programmes - “Civil Society Organisations influence political decision making”

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is a non-governmental organisation with roots in the Norwegian labour movement. NPA supports processes to enhance equitable distribution of power and resources through mobilisation, popular participation and collective organisation. 

The strategy for 2016-19: “Partnership for Democratisation – mobilising people for democracy and a just distribution of resources” established our overall expected outcomes for the periodTo influence decision making in favour of just distribution of power and resources is at the core of NPA’s strategy.

As the strategy period is coming to an end and a new strategic period is in the planning process, NPA wishes to evaluate one of its core strategic objectives; “Civil Society Organisations influence political decision making”. The purpose of the evaluation is to learn from the work NPA has engaged in supporting partners’ work to influence political decision-making. The main issue to be addressed by the evaluation is:

  • To which degree the civil society organisations’ (partners’) influencing strategies have been effective and responsive to change policies, practices and public discourse

For more information see Terms of Reference for the evaluation.

For more information about NPA please visit our web site www.npaid.org .

Address, deadline and period of validity

Questions regarding the tender shall be directed to:

Beate Thoresen, Head of Programme Development, Department for Development and Humanitarian Cooperation (DHC). Email: beatet@npaid.org. Mobile: + 47 45200055 

This request for tender is not a contract or an offer into a contract, but is a request for a quotation for the evaluation, as a result of which NPA may decide to enter into negotiations for a contract

Please notify you interest by June 11, 2019

Bid must be sent by June 21st 2019, 3 pm the latest.

Notice of interest and bid should be sent to tenders@npaid.org. Include the following in the subject line: “DHC Partner influence evaluation 2019”.

The bid must include the following:

  • a brief expression of interest describing your experience relevant to this evaluation, incl. a brief summary of your understanding of the ToR;
  • a current CV;
  • a budget; The budget should include all costs; including your daily fees. It should  specify costs excluding VAT, and including VAT.
  • your availability, starting by June 21st 2019.

By presenting this bid, you confirm that you accept NPAs ethical guidelines: https://www.npaid.org/About-us/Ethics .

Selection process

Bids will be opened only after the June 18 deadline. The bids will be opened and reviewed by a select committee of NPA employees. The bids will be confidential and NPA will keep all information from bidders confidential. NPA retains the right to contact bidders first for follow-up and clarification after the bids have been opened.

Bids arriving after the deadline may be rejected. The bid shall be valid for 30 days after the tender deadline. Costs related to the development of the bid will not be refunded. NPA will select the bidders that overall present the most relevant bids for NPA, and maintain the right to reject some or all of the bids received. Technical competence, experience and availability will be taken into consideration as well as price.

4. Disclaimer

NPA reserves the right to alter the dates of the timetable.

NPA does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

NPA is in no way responsible for the cost of preparation of the tender response.