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  • Chile is a State Party to the MBT and the CCM.
  • MBT Article 5 clearance deadline: 1 March 2020.
  • CCM Article 4 clearance deadline: 1 June 2021.

In February 2012, the northern parts of Chile experienced the harshest winter in more than 30 years causing massive floods. The flooding caused the migration of landmines, originally laid on Chilean territory during the 1970s, to the Quebrada de Escritos ravine. A number of these landmines were transported with water masses during the flood through the ravine and thrown out onto the shores on the Pacific coast, in a disputed area between Chile and Peru.

In June 2012, NPA was formally asked by the governments of both Chile and Peru to perform the demining work of the area in question.  In October 2012, NPA commenced a three-month demining project which was successful concluded on 20 December, 2012. The whole project was funded by Chile and Peru, and ran through the NPA Bosnia Herzegovina Humanitarian Disarmament Programme.