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  • Libya has not joined the MBT or the CCM.

Libya had a mine and ERW contamination from WWII through border conflicts during the Gaddafi regime and latterly due to the 2011 insurgency. In addition, the 2011 conflict created two further problems that prevented (re)development and had security issues for the wider region; weapon and ammunition proliferation on a large scale.

NPA took the early decision to focus on capacity development and institutionalisation of the national Mine Action authorities rather than conducting clearance operations. By mid-2012 it was evident that there was a very limited impact from recent and legacy ERW contamination but that there were long-term residual issues that only national structures, newly empowered, could hope to deal with.

NPA decided not to propose any further funding from the NMFA frame- agreement for NPAs activities in Libya beyond December 2013.  

The programme was phased out in January 2014.